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This page provides additional information about how to become an editor or advisory board member at an H-Net network and catalogs the recruitment programs and calls of H-Net’s nearly 200 topically-defined networks.

The editorial teams of these networks are the authorities over the application process, so please make sure to read their recruitment messages carefully. When a network’s current editorial team decides to bring on a new member, that member must go through a nomination, application, and certification process governed by H-Net’s Bylaws and Executive Council Policies. A network’s current editors and board members must nominate the individual and the candidate must fill out an application (see the blue buttons immediately below). All nominations are subject to review by H-Net’s Executive Council. If Council approves a nomination, the individual must then complete a brief, free online training program. Once trained, the new editor will join the network’s editorial team. H-Net recommends a two-year term for appointments and requires a six-week probationary period. Many editors and board members elect to serve for longer periods.



Overview of the Application Process

Contact the Associate Director of Networks or the Associate Director of Reviews at any point during the process with your questions

The following networks maintain webpages outlining their recruitment interests and policies. Networks may add recruitment pages to this table by applying the category “H-Net Network Recruitment Page” to the page.

This table lists all recent recruitment calls, which typically include an application process and deadline. The table culls information from across H-Net using the category “H-Net Network Recruitment Call”

Call for Editors: H-Disability

We are looking for two disability historians to join the H-Disability editorial team!

Established in response to expanding scholarly interest, as well as the perceived need for collaborative resource-sharing, H-Disability is a scholarly forum that explores a multitude of historical issues around disability. The network not only offers historians an opportunity to exchange ideas, syllabi, scholarly work, and archival sources, but also seeks to attract historians of other specialties who are grappling with similar issues. 

Shared editorial duties include:

Reviewers Needed

Greetings H-Floridians!

H-Florida is seeking reviewers at this time. If you are interested in reviewing a book for our network, please send me an email at the address below. If you have never reviewed for H-Florida, please include a brief CV with your message. This call for reviewers is open to advanced graduate students, professional academics of all levels, and independent scholars of Florida. We will attempt to help you find a book that matches your area of expertise.