Proposing a New H-Net Network



New Network Proposals - Developing such an online community requires commitment to a long-term professional partnership between H-Net and the editorial staff of the network. As a general rule, H-Net does not sponsor networks for transitory periods or short-term needs, unless requested by a scholarly organization as part of a larger framework of collaboration with H-Net. We encourage potential applicants to explore sites on the internet which provide free or low-cost group services.

Overview of New Network Process

1. The network sponsor or lead editor submits a concept statement and mission statement to H-Net Council.2. Once the Council has approved the concept and mission statements, the applicant creates a final network plan form, including nomination forms for the network's editors and advisory board.3. After the approval of the final network plan form, the network editors are trained to ensure familiarity with H-Net systems.4. Following the completion of network staff training, the design of the network banner and the posting of some introductory content, the network is tested, launched and announced to the public.

New Network Pre-Approval Form

Final Network Plan Form

H-Net Network Plan Form

(H-Net's Executive Council must have received and approved of the Network Pre-Approval Questionnaire above before you complete this form)


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