At the core of H-Net's operations are the volunteer editors of networks and book reviews, who work with advisory boards of specialists and stakeholders to monitor content and apply professional standards to their service to the educational community. H-Net is always interested in hearing from individuals who wish to volunteer their talents for this important work. All editors and board members must be certified by the pertinent network advisory board (in the case of existing networks) and by the H-Net Council. Editors and board members who are thus certified become members of H-Net. The H-Net Constitution and Bylaws prescribes a two-year term for editorial appointments, with a six-week probationary period at the start. This page describes the procedure for nominating and proposing H-Net editors and board members as well as how to submit a new network proposal.


Overview of the Application Process

Contact the Associate Director of Networks or the Associate Director of Reviews at any point during the process with your questions


Overview of the New Network Proposal Process

Contact the Associate Director of Networks or the Associate Director of Reviews at any point during the process with your questions