H-Appalachia is Recruiting Editors

System Administrator Discussion

Dear Subscribers,

H-Appalachia is recruiting two additional academic volunteers to join our editorial team.

H-Net is the longest continuously operating online platform for humanists and social scientists and is among the most widely referenced and utilized means of online communication and collaboration in academia. H-Net hosts and provides for free the widely used website, H-Announce, for circulating academic announcements and hosts the central job market website in the humanities, H-Net’s Job Guide, with all information therein provided to job-seekers for free. H-Net has over 100 topically-defined networks that operate free from conflicts of interest and that exist for the sole purpose of enriching their related fields of study. These networks operate under the principle of editorial moderation, with all published content subject to preliminary review by trained and certified field experts. H-Net does not charge subscription fees, sell user data, or conduct advertising. In the age of the internet troll and spammer, H-Net and its networks remain free from malicious behaviors broadly associated with the internet. In the fields they serve, our networks are among the most the most reliable, valuable, and creative sources of discussion and information. H-Net networks operate in accordance with published By-Laws and Executive Council policies centered on academic best practices and under the authority of H-Net’s elected Council of fellow editors. H-Net publishes all of its academic content online for free and is among the oldest organizations devoted to the open-access publishing model.

Kind Regards,

David Prior
Editor, Vice-President of Networks
Assistant Professor of History, UNM