Upcoming Lectures at The InfoAge Science and History Museums at The Camp Evans National Historic Landmark

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Please be advised of the upcoming lectures at The InfoAge Science and History Museums at The Camp Evans National Historic Landmark:


January 22: Charlie Cebula, “Derivation of Some Common Geometric Relationships - Without the Use of Calculus”

Location: ISEC (2300 Marconi Road)


February 6: Melissa Ziobro, “Fort Monmouth and Camp Evans as ‘Black Brain Center’”

Location: Main Dining Room


February 19: Charlie Cebula, “The Telegraph: A New Innovation that Helped the North Win the Civil War”

Location: ISEC (2300 Marconi Road)


March 19: Charlie Cebula, “Tesla and Electricity”

Location: ISEC (2300 Marconi Road)


March 27: Melissa Ziobro, “The ‘Hello Girls’ Female Telephone Operators of WWI”

Location: Main Dining Room


All lectures are scheduled for 2 PM. Admission to InfoAge is $10 for ages 13+ and $8 for ages 12 and younger. There is no additional fee for the lectures. The main campus is at 2201 Marconi Rd., Wall, NJ 07719. There are several buildings to visit, so dress for outdoor weather! Parking at InfoAge is always free. For a campus map and more information, see www.infoage.org.


About the Speakers:


Melissa Ziobro is the Specialist Professor of Public History in the Department of History and Anthropology at Monmouth University, and was the last Command Historian at Fort Monmouth prior to the base closure.


Charlie Cebula is a noted Defense & Space Professional, with an MS in Electrical Engineering from NJIT.


John Cervini is an Electronic Warfare Consultant, with a BS and MS in Physics from Fordham University and the University of New Mexico, respectively.