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I am wondering if you might have an archives or know of listserve I could ask this question on if you do know anything about the incident.  If you could help me I would appreciate it.
I hope that maybe you can help me or direct me to where I could get my answer.  
My name is Stephen Hosmer and I live in Bethesda, MD and related to Laura Harding who lived on Bayonet Farm.
I was there a few weeks ago to attend a family get together and someone mentioned that there was a fire there around 1935 shortly after Laura Harding bought the property.  Do you have any archives about this fire.  Seeing newspaper article would be great, if you have it.
Stephen Hosmer

Mr. Hosmer, the fire took place in October 1937. Laura Harding purchased the property in the fall of 1936. I would be happy to forward several newspaper clippings of interest if you provide an email address. Laura Harding appears frequently in the Monmouth County newspapers of the day. Her relationship to Katherine Hepburn was fully covered as well by the local press. Nearly all historical newspapers from Monmouth County are now available in digitized and searchable format on A keyword search using "Laura Harding" will turn up hundreds upon hundreds of articles, including those concerning her purchase of the property in Holmdel, and mention of the fire, which did about $800 in damage primarily to the roof.

Joe Hammond

I am still waiting for you to send me articles to my e-mail address about the fire that happen at Laura Harding farm.

Stephen Hosmer