Trying again to speak with African Americans who have Free Black or Slave Ancestors in Upper Freehold or Allentown, NJ

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Hi, everyone - 

Heading:  African American Families 1770-1800 in Allentown, NJ/Upper Freehold, NJ


Everyone - I am making a general inquiry, and welcome your assistance.

About ten years ago, I was not able to generate many contacts of families living in the Western Monmouth county area today who have African Americans ancestors of Free African Americans or enslaved African Americans in Allentown, NJ/Upper Freehold, NJ between 1770-1800.  People were kind to share some names to search, but my goal was to speak with related family and their reflections on ancestors.  Mark Mappan had shared my call years ago with select individuals.

1.  In particular, I am looking for African Americans whose family members might have worked as free blacks with Waln Family.  

2.  Additionally, I am looking for people whose family members were enslaved by members of  the Montgomery family, Imlay family, Lawrence Family, and/or Barkalow Family (Barcalow, Barcaloe, many spellings). 

I am also looking for African American families that might have a past or present relative with the surname Lathan, Lantham, or Lantham that lived in this same Western Monmouth County region.

Having worked on  a number of projects, I do have some background with tax records, court records, and family archives.  My research has brought me to  the Murder of Wench Betty, an enslaved woman in Monmouth County; NJ killed by her owner; the abolitionist work of New Jersey Quaker Richard Waln; African American Free Black Peter Waln; and Quakers who worked for Thomas Jefferson among other topics.  

If you need background on me here are some links, 

Thomas Jefferson and His Complicated Quakers - My Book Chapter looking at Quakers with relationships with Jefferson, start with page 131 in this limited preview,

Quakers and their Allies in the Abolitionist Cause, 1754-1808, I co-edited with Maurice Jackson of Georgetown University

It is best to make an initial form of outreach to me in email at so I do not miss your message.

Thank you for your kindness and help,

Sue Kozel