Mining the H-New-Jersey logs

John Beekman's picture

As part of the H-Net 25th Anniversary Crossroads commemoration, over the past year the editors at H-Net have been looking through the logs of the various networks from back in the listserv era (prior to 2014), and publishing a sort of "greatest hits" compilation of threads they found to be especially active. Today they contacted the editors of H-NJ to let us know our network has been added to the Mining the Logs collection.

H-NJ subscribers may be interested to peruse the variety of networks hosted by H-Net, and take advantage of this curated content (to use the au courant phrase) to get a sense of how other communities of scholars have used the platform. Of course many of us will want to focus on Mining the Logs of H-New-Jersey.

The full list of logs from the listserv era - for H-New-Jersey that goes back to October of 2000 - can still be browsed by month and navigated by date or thread, as well as searched, at the legacy page for discussion logs. Should you find a thread that you feel merits inclusion in the Mining the Logs compilation, comment here and we will pass the suggestion along to our friends at H-Net HQ.

Enjoy this digital trip down memory lane - certainly bittersweet timing for our network.

John Beekman
Co-editor, H-New-Jersey