Building a Place for History: 50th Anniversary Tours

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The Friends of New Jersey Heritage and the Middlesex County Office of Culture and Heritage are hosting a festive day in honor of the creation of the New Jersey Historic Trust, New Historical Commission and New Jersey Historic Sites Council in 1967. 

Building a Place for History: 50th Anniversary includes two great tour opportunities:

  • "Look, Up in the Sky! Perth Amboy’s Terrific Terra Cotta” 

    Perth Amboy, New Jersey, was once the unofficial capital of America’s terra cotta industry. Between the 1870s and the 1930s, bright, colorful terra cotta helped transform American architecture. Sculpted, molded, and glazed terra cotta was used to ornament building facades and produce a variety of other useful items from stepping stones to grave markers, and even, most surprisingly practice bombs. The tour visits some of Perth Amboy’s outstanding terra cotta ornamented buildings, including factories, churches, and public buildings. There will be ample opportunities for photography. Come learn more about a little-known piece of New Jersey’s ceramic and architectural heritage.

    Tour Leader:
    Richard Veit, BA, MA, PhD, Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the History and Anthropology Department, Monmouth University


  • "Learning from our Late-Modern Legacy: Collaboration and Social Responsibility on a Corporate Campus” 

    The Johnson & Johnson (J&J) World Headquarters, completed in 1983, is a significant example of Late Modern architecture, designed by I.M. Pei & Partners’ lead designers, Henry N. Cobb and W. Stephen Wood. The complex is located at the edge of New Brunswick’s central business district and the Rutgers University College Avenue Campus, and is set within a 20-acre park designed by landscape architect Laurie Olin (Hanna/Olin). At a time when corporations were seeking to relocate to suburban office parks, J&J chose to remain in an urban setting and invest in the growth and development of the city.

    In a specially-designed tour, participants will visit the J&J World Headquarters, tour the building and landscape, and see pieces of the corporate art collection, located throughout the building.

    Tour Leaders:
    Michael J. Bzdak, PhD, Executive Director, Global Community Impact and Corporate Curator for Johnson & Johnson
    Meredith Arms Bzdak, PhD, Partner, Mills + Schnoering Architects

Both tours will take place on June 7, 2017 prior to the evening reception. $35 per person. Each tour is limited to 40 participants.