Announcing GSL's "The Broker" Train Wreck Memorial Page

Gordon Bond Discussion

This past February 6th marked the 73rd anniversary of New Jersey's deadliest train wreck. On that misty evening in 1951, 85 people perished and hundreds were injured when the Pennsylvania Railroad express passenger train known as "The Broker" derailed entering a temporary runaround track at the NJ Turnpike construction site in Woodbridge Township.

I had published the second edition of my book about this tragedy ("Man Failure: The Story of New Jersey's Deadliest Train Wreck") in 2021 and posted a list of the fatalities on social media as a memorial for this year's anniversary. The response was touching and more than a few people came forward with more information and new stories.

This inspired the addition of "The Broker Memorial" page to the Garden State Legacy website, featuring lists of both the dead as well as survivors. Visitors are encouraged to get in contact if they have corrections, additions, or further information to share. While the physical books can only be updated when a new edition is printed, this page can be a public repository of the most current information for families, researchers, or anyone curious to know more.

Please share this link with anyone you think would be interested. It is only by such "word-of-mouth" that this page can continue to grow and improve.

Thank you!
Gordon Bond