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Dominique Daniel

I have been an editor for H-HisBibl since 2012. I enjoy keeping informed about major developments and trends in history, digital humanities, archives, and scholarly communication (especially the future of humanities e-books and open accesss in the humanities). I also enjoy sharing and discussing this information with others. Digital humanities are by nature collaborative undertakings, and I welcome the opportunity they offer for collaboration between historians and librarians.
My training is both in history and library science. I have a doctorate in American history and a Master’s degree in Information Science, specializing in library science and archival management. I have been working as a Humanities Librarian for History since 2009, and since spring 2013 I am the Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections at Oakland University.Michigan. Before Oakland, I worked as a Professor of American studies at the University of Tours (France) and as a lecturer at Wayne State University (Michigan) and the University of Windsor (Canada).
I believe in the importance of strong partnerships between librarians and history professors to develop students’ research skills, and in 2011 I presented a paper on this topic at the meeting of the American Historical Association. An article based on this presentation was published in the History Teacher in February 2012. In my daily work as a librarian I collaborate with history faculty to introduce students to primary sources, whether in the Oakland University archives and special collections or online.
My other research interests are the history of ethnic archives and libraries, and I have published on related topics in The American Archivist and Archival Science as well as in Identity Palimpsests: Ethnic Archiving in the U.S. and Canada, a book I co-edited with Amalia Levi. I am currently researching the history of labor union libraries and print culture in mid-20th century.
H-HistBibl is a great fit for me because of its cross-disciplinary approach. There are not many forums where historians, librarians, archivists, and anyone interested in library and archives services to historical research and teaching can meet.

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