How to Post on H-HistBibl

H-HistBibl welcomes posts from subscribers as well as comments about other posts.

Here are simple instructions on how you can submit a post and/or reply to a post.

Note that each post is linked to a profile, so please make sure that your profile includes basic information (academic affiliation, if any, and field(s) of interest).  You may begin or edit your profile by clicking the pull-down menu near the blue silhouette on the upper right corner of the H-HistBibl homepage and selecting Profile. Then decide how much information you’d like to provide.  Again, this should include academic affiliation or employment (if applicable) along with education and fields of interest.  This may add context to a post and will also help us, over time, to build communities of interest.  

To submit a post:

Assuming you are an H-HistBibl subscriber:

1.      Log in and go to H-HistBibl.

2.     Click "Start a discussion with fellow scholars" in the right hand menu.

3.      Enter your text and

  • add a title/subject line
  • add at least one tag (a keyword describing the content/subject of your message)

4.      Click Preview to see how it will display, and then Submit to the editor.

Note that the editor may send you a notification by email and ask for some clarification or revisions before publishing your post.


If you are not an H-HistBibl subscriber:

You first need to subscribe to the network (see subscribe button on the home page). Only after your subscription has been accepted will you be allowed to post to H-HistBibl.  When making a request for membership, please provide a couple of sentences indicating why you’d like to join us.


To reply to a post:

At the bottom of each e-mail notification you will find the option Read more or reply. This link takes you to the post on H-HistBibl.

At the top right corner you will find the option Reply to this post. This link takes you to a web page where you can prepare and submit your message.

You can also reply to a post through our homepage.  Click on the title of the post and then – at the top of the right column – select Reply to this post. You also have the option of posting other material to H-HistBibl through our homepage.  While on the homepage, scroll down until you see Create Content in the right column.   


For help:

subscribing to a network

creating an account

To send questions or comments to our editors, write to or visit  the Help Desk. It promises to be “A one-stop resource for using the H-Net Commons.”