How to Find Past H-HistBibl Contributions


Categories and Tags are used to classify content.  If you were to imagine a filing cabinet, the labels on the drawers could be considered Categories, with each folder in that drawer being a Tag.  

The Difference between Categories and Tags

Categories are for types of content, tags are keywords and they are topical, for example, a post on British Library medieval manuscripts might use the categories: Primary Sources; Library and Archive News and tags: medieval history; British Library.

Current Categories

Multiple categories may be assigned to a post as appropriate.  Our list of categories will continue to evolve and grow.

Announcements - H-Net Announcements

Book Channel Cross Post - To appear also on Book Channel page.

Conference Program – Use sparingly.

Conference Update – Includes reports on proceedings.

Reviews - H-Net Reviews (books as well as other formats).

H-Net Job Guide – H-Net Job Guide

Library and Archive News – Use for specific institutions.

Primary Sources – Includes various digitization projects.

Professional Development – Includes courses, webinars, workshops, etc.

Query – Includes requests for help with reference and research questions.

Readings – Includes articles, books, blogs, reports.

Resources –Things like HathiTrust and DPLA; not specific sources, instead use Primary Sources.

Teaching Resources - Things like Chronozoom and textbooks as well as lessons and syllabi.

Research Tools – Includes browsers, browser add-ons, and apps.  

User Guides – Guides to using H-Net and H-HistBibl.

How to Use Categories and Tags to Find Materials

On the lower right frame of our home page enter in the Search H-HistBibl query box the appropriate category or categories (see the list above) as well as appropriate term or terms and click the spy glass.  The retrieved list will suggest Related categories and Related tags and you can use these to further explore the database. To search older entries use Discussion Logs under H-HistBibl Resources.  We began posting on this platform 21 March 2014.