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Benefit from All H-Net Has to Offer

Benefit from all H-Net has to offer.  Visit the H-HistBibl homepage at http://networks.h-net.org/h-histbibl.  Look to the upper right of the page and click on H-Net Services, here you’ll find the services Reviews, Job Guide, and Academic Announcements.  Keep an eye on what’s going on across the various H-Net networks, visit the H-Net Commons http://networks.h-net.org/

Re: Free Ebook Foundation to promote access and preservation of knowledge, literature, and culture.

Thanks Dominique for sharing. Recent developments such as Knowledge Unlatched, MUSE Open Monographs and Luminos from the University of CA suggest a growing momentum towards open access monographs.

At Penn State I am on a group that is reviewing the current open monograph landscape and the value of open monograph initiatives considering academic needs, sustainability of varied economic models, and the quality of the user experience.

Orphan Works and Mass Digitization

Excerpted from a 10 July 2015 letter by the president of the Society of American Archivists to the Register of Copyrights in response to the report cited below.  Read the letter at: http://files.archivists.org/Copyright_Office_OrphanWorks_071015-2.pdf .  Read the June 2015 report of the Register of Copyrights entitled Orphan Works and Mass Digitization at: http://copyright.gov/orphan/reports/orphan-works