Digital history and the death of quant

In this blog post, James Baker reviews the skills needed by historians to do good digital research and notes the neglect of "the ability to count, to do statistics, to use quantitative methods."

British Library Digital Scholarship Blog, April 5, 2014, http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digital-scholarship/2014/04/digital-history-and-the-de...

Worth the Effort?


Library directors at selective liberal arts colleges may this fall found a new open-access publishing house. In the months ahead, the libraries still need to convince faculty members the effort would be worth the time and money.

The Lever Initiative, founded last summer by the liberal arts college libraries that make up the Oberlin Group, is investigating the possibilities of establishing an open-access publishing house for scholarly short-form monographs...

H-REVIEW Digest - 10 Apr 2014 to 12 Apr 2014

Review of: 

1. H-Net Review Publication:  Guha on Sunderland, 'Financing the Raj: the
     City of London and Colonial India, 1858-1940'
 2. H-Net Review Publication:  Richardson on Gosse, 'Abolition and Plantation
     Management in Jamaica: 1807-1838'
3. H-Net Review Publication:  Kim on Choy, 'Global Families: A History of
     Asian International Adoption in America'
4. H-Net Review Publication:  Chen on Peckham and  Pomfret, 'Imperial
     Contagions: Medicine, Hygiene, and Cultures of Planning in Asia'


H-REVIEW Digest - 9 Apr 2014 to 10 Apr 2014

Review of:

1. H-Net Review Publication:  Mokhtarian on Dolgopolski, 'The Open Past:
     Subjectivity and Remembering in the Talmud'


Sergey Dolgopolski.  The Open Past: Subjectivity and Remembering in
the Talmud.  New York  Fordham University Press, 2013.  xi + 379 pp.
$65.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-8232-4492-8.

Reviewed by Jason Mokhtarian (Indiana University)
Published on H-Judaic (April, 2014)
Commissioned by Jason Kalman

Virtual Thinking and Authorship in the Talmud and Beyond

Oxford University Press offers a week of free content

"In celebration of National Library Week in the US (April 13 -19, 2014), a week taken to highlight the value of libraries and librarians, Oxford University Press (OUP) will be making all OUP online products, excluding journals, freely available in the US. This free access will begin on April 13 and end on April 19 at this url: http://global.oup.com/academic/librarians/national-library-week/"

The Future of Archives is Participatory: Archives as Platform, or A New Mission for Archives

Kate Theimer recently gave a talk about the changing mission of archives in an age of information abundance and of changing scholarly and public needs.

"I think we need to look beyond things like documenting society or collecting evidence, which are certainly good goals in themselves. But ...I think those are more passive goals. Why do we document society or collect evidence?

The new mission I propose for archives is that: Archives add value to people’s lives by increasing their understanding and appreciation of the past.


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