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You may have seen our earlier messages about Heritage Broadcasting Service, our answer to Netflix. We have some new titles on Heritage to tell you about.  This time, our news covers an entire new series with ten episodes!  This series will launch on January 3, 2022.  You can watch these episodes on your smart TVs with Roku, or access them at

The Orient Expedition Series

The proposal by Gavin Menzies that the Chinese, under famed fifteenth-century Admiral Zheng He and his “Treasure Fleet,” not the medieval Europeans, were the true initiators the great global “Voyages of Discovery” has inspired much controversy.  To examine this idea, Brazilian sailors traverse about fifty thousand kilometers, crossing four oceans, during the most recent seafaring journey of the Schurmann family.  On a trip that lasts 812 days, circumnavigating the globe for their third time, the Schurmanns visit Easter Island and other Pacific islands, navigate the treacherous Indian Ocean’s famous "Chain of Needles," round the Cape of Good Hope, also known as "Cape of Storms," and even visit Antarctica, all in search of clues regarding the full extent of Zheng He’s legendary voyages.


Episode 1: Brazilian family launches around-the-world voyage to examine whether medieval Chinese visited America before Columbus.

Episode 2: The Orient Expedition sails past Tierra del Fuego and visits Antarctica.

Episode 3: Expedition members sail through Drakes Passage, visit a Chilean glacier and sail to Easter Island.

Episode 4: The SY Kat crew explores French Polynesia and sails to New Zealand in pursuit of stories about Zheng He’s voyages.

Episode 5: The Schurmann family voyage takes them to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Episode 6: On its way to China, the Orient Expedition visits Micronesia, Guam, the Mariana Islands, and Okinawa.

Episode 7: The SY Kat crew sails from Okinawa to Shanghai, dodging cargo ships, then visits Vietnam.

Episode 8: In Indonesia, the Expedition team explores Krakatoa, sees orangutans and visits with indigenous people.

Episode 9: The voyagers set sail for Africa across the Indian Ocean, stopping at Mauritius and Reunion.

Episode 10: The crew rounds the Cape of Good Hope, visits Cape Town and returns home to Brazil.

We have lots more shows in the pipeline and we’ll keep you informed about them.  Remember that you can watch Heritage on your smartTV with Roku, as well as on your desktop, tablet or smartphone at, where subscriptions are available.  By helping us build our subscription base, you will be supporting our nonprofit and the public mission we pursue, while at the same time adding to your quality of life!

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