Multimodal Forum in Theological Librarianship

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Multimodal scholarship is gaining increasing currency in many areas of scholarly communication in the academy and beyond. A typical peer-reviewed article usually capitalizes on a single mode, usually alphabetic text (while using multimodal elements standardized by convention and style). In contrast, multimodal scholarship, as the name suggests, presents information in a variety of modes or formats. These multiple modes of communication may include a combination of linguistic, visual, aural, spatial, and gestural means of expressing ideas and information.

In order to explore this exciting and developing form of scholarly communication, the fall 2022 issue of Theological Librarianship will host a forum that invites librarians and others to share their experiences with, or reflections on, multimodal scholarship (including archiving and curation). In a brief statement (750-1500 words), contributors are encouraged to share their ideas, to describe how their libraries have engaged or promoted multimodal scholarship, or to consider the ways in which multimodality has intersected or might intersect with theological or religious studies and librarianship. The forum itself will maintain the traditional delivery format and will serve as a prelude to potential future fully multimodal issues.

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The deadline for submissions is June 1st , 2022. Submissions should be made at

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