Going Digital: Considerations and Collaborations

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A new Feeding the Elephant blog post on the Book Channel:

Furnace & Fugue is a born-digital edition of the 1618 book Atalanta fugiens and a very cool experiment in scholarly publishing. The book presents a musical alchemical allegory as a series of fifty emblems, each of which contains text, image, and a musical score for three voices. The digital edition includes reproductions of every page of the original publication, an English translation, newly commissioned recordings of the book’s 50 fugues, and scholarly essays contextualizing and analyzing the work. The Elephant asked four of the key collaborators—Allison Levy, digital scholarship editor at Brown University, volume editors Tara Nummedal and Donna Bilak, and University of Virginia Press editor of history and social sciences Nadine Zimmerli—to talk about how they developed and published the project.