Exploring Digital Humanities and Media History

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Lisa Spiro has summarized the main highlights of the ArcLight Symposium hosted in May 2015 by Concordia University. The event "brought together film and media historians with digital humanists to explore the possibilities and pitfalls of digital methods for media history."

Source: Lisa Spiro, "Exploring Digital Humanities and Media History," Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, June 13, 2015, https://digitalscholarship.wordpress.com/2015/06/13/exploring-digital-humanities-and-media...

Also of interest is The Arclight Guidebook to Media History and the Digital Humanities, which investigates the new skills, competencies, and tools that media historians and scholars need in the era of digital research. It can be downloaded freely.

"Across seventeen chapters, contributing authors discuss the ways in which they are using or building digital technologies, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and responding to successes and failures. Topics explored include search, maps, big data, text mining, video analytics, databases, networks, and new forms of publication."