Knowledge Infrastructures, Monographs and Why Open Access Must be Part of the Post Pandemic ‘New Normal’

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Dr. Frances Pinter, Executive Chair for the Central European University Press, reflects on the impact of the pandemic on library budgets and modes of operation:

"...we can use this crisis to mark a commitment to reducing costs while improving dissemination of these specialist monographs that provide the foundational basis for development in the HSS [Humanities and Social Sciences] subjects.

The key to this is Open Access (OA). For that to succeed, we need to work on four aspects of monograph publishing. The first aspect is the funding – which will come if we can demonstrate that the demand is there, that monographs are good value for the money, and that costs can be reduced significantly. The second aspect is that we need business models through which funding can be channelled efficiently and cost effectively. The third aspect is to produce the right kind of metadata that stays constant throughout the life cycle of a book. Finally, we need to find ways in which OA can sit visibly alongside other formats, such as print, that should continue to be available where there is a demand."

(Oh, the Humanities! August 26, 2020,