Millions of historic newspaper images get the machine learning treatment at the Library of Congress

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"A new effort from the Library of Congress has digitized and organized photos and illustrations from centuries of news using state of the art machine learning.

Led by Ben Lee, a researcher from the University of Washington occupying the Library’s “Innovator in Residence” position, the Newspaper Navigator collects and surfaces data from images from some 16 million pages of newspapers throughout American history."

Source: Devin Coldewey, Tech Crunch, May 7, 2020,

An update on this Library of Congress project:

Thomas Macaulay, "US Library of Congress launches AI tool that lets you search 16 million old newspaper pages for historical images," The Next Web, Sept. 16, 2020,

"The US Library of Congress has released an AI tool that lets you search through 16 million historical newspaper pages for images that help explain the stories of the past.  The Newspaper Navigator shows how seminal events and characters, such as wars and presidents, have been depicted in the press."