Knowledge Unlatched and partners launch Open Research Library

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Knowledge Unlatched announced a new initiative:

"Around 15,000 to 20,000 books have been published Open Access worldwide to date, freely available to users all over the world, and about 4,000 more are added every year. Currently these titles are offered for use by scientists on numerous different publishing and distribution websites. The aim of this new initiative is to combine all available book content under one search and hosting interface and to ensure that the provision of corresponding catalogue data is made available to library systems. The hosting of all book content is free of charge." (Knowledge Unlatched News, May 19, 2019,

For information on the organizational and strategic changes at Knowledge Unlatched, including the questions raised by CC licenses, see the article by Joseph Esposito on the Scholarly Kitchen blog, "Internal Contradictions with Open Access Books" (June 4, 2019)