Jisc and CNI leaders conference 2018: The changing role for libraries in the context of the research university

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Slides of presentations at the Jisc and Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)'s  12th biannual conference are now available online. The conference on "The changing role for libraries in the context of the research university" took place on July 2, 2018. Presentations included:

  • Opening keynote - Pushing libraries beyond traditional boundaries (Susan Gibbons, university librarian and deputy provost, Yale University)
  • Monographs and library-based publishing (Martin Paul Eve, professor of literature, technology and publishing, Birkbeck - University of London)
  • The monograph is dead! Long live the monograph! (Donald Waters, senior program officer - scholarly communications, Mellon Foundation)
  • Experiential libraries: the transformed library’s impact on teaching and learning (Gregory Raschke, interim vice-provost and director of libraries, North Carolina State University)
  • Closing keynote - Collaborative research and the future of libraries (Professor Dan Cohen, vice-provost for information collaboration, dean of the libraries, Northeastern University)