Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community

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New book of interest:

Robin Kear and Kate Joranson, eds., Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community
(Chandos Publishing, 2018)

Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships brings forward ideas and reflections that stay fresh beyond the changing technological landscape. The book encapsulates a cultural shift for libraries and librarians and presents a collection of authors who reflect on the collaborations they have formed around digital humanities work. Authors examine a range of issues, including labor equity, digital infrastructure, digital pedagogy, and community partnerships. Readers will find kinship in the complexities of the partnerships described in this book, and become more equipped to conceptualize their own paths and partnerships.

  • Provides insight into the collaborative relationships among academic librarians and faculty in the humanities
  • Documents the current environment, while prompting new questions, research paths and teaching methods
  • Examines the challenges and opportunities for the digital humanities in higher education
  • Presents examples of collaborations from a variety of international perspectives and educational institutions