Monograph Output of American University Presses, 2009-2013

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Joseph Esposito writes:

With my colleague Karen Barch and the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, I have been working on a project to determine how many books university presses publish, and in particular, how many of these could be termed original monographs in the humanities. The full report is available below as a PDF and also on Scribd. The text of this blog post is a slightly edited version of the report’s Introduction. For the quantitative aspect of the study, I refer you to the full report.

Excerpt: : "While it is not possible to know if there is a consensus view, we were surprised that the monograph output in the humanities for American presses (exclusive of Cambridge, Oxford, and the Associates) is as small as it is."

Source: Joseph Esposito, "Monograph Output of American University Presses, 2009-2013," The Scholarly Kitchen, Feb. 14, 2017,


See also  Carl Strausheim, "The Changing Monograph Market: Study suggests university presses are publishing fewer books in the humanities. Experts say the publishing industry is facing more significant changes." Inside Higher Ed, February 20, 2017,