Text Mining at an Institution with Lesser Financial Resources

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Drew E. VandeCreek discusses issues and opportunities related to text mining and access to corpora, as well as relationships between researchers and vendors of full-text databases.

Drew E. VandeCreek, "Text Mining at an Institution with Lesser Financial Resources," On Digital History, May 6, 2016, http://drewvandecreek.blogspot.com/2016/05/text-mining-at-institution-with-lesser.html

Argues that vendors can reach customers at less affluent institutions by making text materials available at more reasonable prices on an a la carte basis.

"If they do not, I fear that they will make a powerful contribution to the perpetuation of the existing situation: students and scholars at the wealthiest colleges and universities can do text mining with access to very large collections of suitable materials, while others may never find their corpus."