Managing and Mining Historical Research Data

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Article of interest:

Michael S. Seadle , (2016) "Managing and Mining Historical Research Data", Library Hi Tech, Vol. 34 Iss: 1



To review how historical research data is managed and mined today.


The methodology builds on observations over the last decade.


Reading speed is a factor in managing the quantity of text in historical research. Twenty years ago historical research involved visits to physical libraries and archives, but today much of the information is online. The granularity of reading has changed over recent decades and recognizing this change is an important factor in improving acce

Practical implications

Computer-based humanities text mining could be simpler if publishers and libraries would manage the data in ways that facilitate the process. Some aspects still need development, including better context awareness, either by writing context awareness into programs or by encoding it in the text.


There is relatively little discussion of text mining and distant reading in the LIS literature.