Choosing OLHJ as the Publisher for your Special Collection

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Katherine Parker-Hay, an Editorial Officer for the Open Library of Humanities (OLH),"discusses the unique culture of OLH and some of the associated advantages of collaborating with us to publish a Special Collection":

"Special Collections are collections of articles published within the Open Library of Humanities journal (OLHJ) that are dedicated to focussed research topics in the humanities...The phrase ‘mega-journal’ still sits uncomfortably with me; as a researcher in the humanities, during the course of my doctorate I had been thoroughly ensconced in a culture of academic specialisation and disciplinary silos. However, spending time with our collections, I have come to question this culture and have seen first-hand some of the benefits of publishing with a truly interdisciplinary journal and open access platform."

(Source: Open Insights, September 14, 2022,


In another piece, Katherine Parker-Hay interviews the editors of a Special Collection published in the Open Library of the Humanities journal,  ‘The Politics and History of Menstruation: Contextualising the Scottish Campaign to End Period Poverty’