The Monograph and the Mission: University of Michigan Pledges $1.2 Million to Fund Open Access Book Publishing

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"Today’s post is by Elizabeth Demers, Kristen Twardowski, and Charles Watkinson. Elizabeth is Editorial Director; Kristen is Sales, Marketing, and Outreach Director; and Charles is the Director of the University of Michigan Press.

This week the University of Michigan Press announced through our partner LYRASIS that we have reached our target of converting 50% of our 2022 monograph program to open access, without ever requiring any author to pay to publish. We will increase this percentage to 75% in 2023 and anticipate being able to sustain a majority open access monograph program that produces at least 60 new books a year. These open-access titles are now available on our open-source publishing platform, Fulcrum, and through multiple other distribution channels...."

Source: Scholarly Kitchen, August 24, 2022,