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Free Materials and Upcoming Webinars

Come learn about new Reading Like a Historian lessons and Beyond the Bubble history assessments of thinking at our free upcoming webinars.

  •  Click here to register for the Reading Like a Historian webinar on September 7th at 4-5pm Pacific Time.
  •  Click here to register for the Beyond the Bubble assessment webinar on September 21st at 4-5pm Pacific Time.

Reading Like a Historian lessons
  •  12 Classroom posters and intro lessons
  •  51 World history lessons
  •  110 U.S. history lessons
  •  60 Spanish translations of materials

Beyond the Bubble History Assessments
  •  9 Explainer videos
  •  13 Flagship assessments with sample student responses
  •  43 World history assessments with rubrics
  •  94 U.S. history assessments with rubrics

Civic Online Reasoning Materials
4 Professional learning activities
  •  6 Curriculum collections
  •  18 Educational videos
  •  37 Lesson Plans
  •  46 Assessments