Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Jesse Draper - Associate Director, Networks's picture

Dear friends,

This year we are celebrating twenty-five years of service by scholars, teachers, and students for scholars, teachers, and students to the humanities and social sciences. At its inception, H-Net was created to “be an electronic ‘bulletin board’ system open [and] free to all historians in the US—and across the world.” Twenty-five years later, H-Net provides free and open access to hundreds of thousands of subscribers all around the world as the most trusted broker of academic information online.

No algorithms, no data selling, no spam, no shouting.  We own our servers and our members own their contributions. H-Net is a free, independent, nonprofit service creating valuable resources for researchers and educators, stored in a public, permanent archive while safeguarding the privacy of our subscribers. 

We’ve spent some time browsing through the Discussion Logs at PSRT-L and found some great threads that we’ve collected at the HNet25 Crossroads network. We’ll be highlighting threads like these from our networks throughout the year as part of our HNet25 Throwback Thursday celebration on Facebook and Twitter.

We have big plans for the next twenty-five years. Podcasting. Peer-reviewed publications. Informal scholarship (conference papers and research drafts). Conference reports and interviews. We continue to encourage and support innovation in the digital humanities and social sciences through collaborative, moderated exchange that preserves the highest online scholarly standards. Towards those aims, H-Net is upgrading its servers and services to be more secure, faster, and independent. And while these costs are significant, our host institution offers no support to offset them.

Please support the value provided on PSRT-L and our other H-Net services by making a tax-deductible contribution at the Support H-Net page.  And join us over the year as we celebrate twenty-five years of remarkable contributions at the H-Net 25 Crossroads.

Thanks from all of us at H-Net!

H-Net is classified as a tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, effective February 20, 2004. Your contribution may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please contact your tax advisor for further information.