Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest (Vol. 5, Issue 2)

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The articles in this issue of Contention offer different perspectives on social protest, examining the roles of small activist collectives, organized policing efforts, local private politics, digital communities, and revolutionary vanguards in instances of collective action and political behavior. This issue concludes with an interview.

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Volume 5, Issue 2


Benjamin Abrams and Giovanni A. Travaglino


Never Mind the Ballots: The Edible Ballot Society and the Performance of Citizenship, Matthew Hayes

Shutting Down Protest: Policing, International Summitry, and the G20 Experiment in Brisbane, Binoy Kampmark

Private Politics in the Garden of England: An Atypical Case of Anti-Wind Farm Contention, Matthew Ogilvie

Digital Natives: Making Sense of the Digital Political Landscape and Assessing the Potential for Mobilization versus Apathy, Patrick Readshaw

Attack Frames: Framing Processes, Collective Identity, and Emotion in the Men's Rights Subreddit, Chelsea Starr


Modern Revolutions and Beyond: An Interview with John Dunn

Benjamin Abrams and John Dunn


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