Call For Proposals and Manuscripts for New Book Series with UVA Press!!

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UVA Press Series “The Black Soldier in War and Society: Critical Narratives and New Perspectives”

The new book series on the University of Virginia Press, “The Black Soldier in War and Society: Critical Narratives and New Perspectives,” is designed as a forum that confronts established academic discourses in the study of the phenomenon of Black soldiering.  Through rigorous and critical scrutiny, the books in this series will also explore the ways in which the Black military experience shaped the contours of power, community, and identity across place and time. 

The series marks a watershed moment in publishing significant works on the lived experiences of soldiers and veterans of African descent and their families, as well as the impact of those servicemembers on the governing institutions in the countries they served.  The series aims to publish original works of the highest quality from across the various disciplinary fields of humanities and social sciences.  Collectively, the books in the series should shed new light on issues of race, gender, class, and other dimensions of social identity and/or state formation.  

The series will include books focused on individual soldiers, military units, families left behind, or new families created in the wake of conflict.  The series also will engage scholarship on portrayals of Blacks in fighting, Black portrayals of combat action, and representations of Black combat in various modes of mass culture.  Scholarship on armed self-defense, paramilitary organizing from the Lincoln Leagues to the Deacons of Defense, and other aspects of the "long Black Power Movement" will be welcomed in this series.  

We invite proposals from established and first-time authors alike. The editors welcome new proposals for monographs, thematically coherent co-authored volumes, as well as manuscripts that address the aforementioned issues.  Those interested in publishing in the series should submit a proposal, CV, and sample chapters (if available) to the series editors for consideration.  If accepted, authors will work closely with the editor to prepare their submissions for peer review. 

Other potential topics:

Black women fighters/soldiers

The intersectionality of gender, race, and class in war

African fighters/soldiers

Caribbean fighters/soldiers

Black soldiering throughout the global African diaspora

Black migrants, migration, and war

Black soldiering and the meanings of citizenship and freedom


Inquiries should be directed to the Series Editors:

Le’Trice Donaldson (

Holly Pinhiero (

george white, jr. (

Nadine Zimmerli ( UVA Press Editor