TOC for Early American Studies - An Interdisciplinary Journal Spring 2015

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Following is the Table of Contents for the latest issue of Early American Studies - Volume 13.2, Spring 2015.

Published by University of Pennsylvania Press.

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Old Roots, New Shoots: Early American Environmental History by Christopher M. Parsons and Cameron B. Strang



The Other Revolution 

Joyce E. Chaplin


Bison Algonquians: Cycles of Violence and Exploitation in the Mississippi Valley Borderlands 

Robert Michael Morrissey


Plantation Ecologies: The Experimental Plantation in and against James Grainger’s The Sugar-Cane 

Britt Rusert


A New Paradigm for Pre-Columbian Agriculture in North America 

Jane Mt.Pleasant


‘‘A Laudable Spirit of Enterprise’’: Renegotiating Land, Natural Resources, and Power on Post-Revolutionary Long Island 

Jennifer Anderson


A Natural History of the Early American Railroad 

David Schley


Locating Kickemuit: Springs, Stone Memorials, and Contested Placemaking in the Northeastern Borderlands 

Christine M. DeLucia


Borderlands of Knowledge about Nature: Crossing and Creating Boundaries in Early America 

Cynthia Radding