Survey on code literacy in the humanities

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to pass along this survey about code literacy in the humanities from another list. Please note that they want responses from everyone, not just from scholars who engage with code or in computational research.

The original researchers also asked to have this widely distributed. Please complete it, then pass it along (the other order is fine, too, of course). 

You'll probably see this invitation appear in various other places – apologies. But we'd like to (re)draw your attention to the survey on code literacy, conducted by a group of researchers of the Alan Turing Institute, Ghent University, Utrecht University, the Huygens Institute, and the KNAW Humanities Cluster.

The goal of the survey is to map the current state of code literacy and its impediments (if any) to diffuse *across* the humanities domains. This means that we'd like to hear from everyone, even if you've never coded before in your life. You'll find the survey and its background at The survey remains active until the 31st of December this year.

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