CFP: Edges of the Great Salt Lake

Jeff Nichols Discussion

The winter 2019 issue of Utah Historical Quarterly will focus on a special theme: the edges of the Great Salt Lake, where the water meets the land. We welcome short or long research articles, biographies, primary documents, photographic essays, and archaeological field notes and case studies related to that dynamic border. We are especially interested in wetlands, waterfowl hunting, bird refuges, boats, and development along the lake's edges. We also welcome essays that examine the lake in a larger environmental and cultural context. Please submit abstracts to guest editor Jeff Nichols ( by September 1, 2017. Initial drafts are due December 1, 2017, and final manuscripts April 1, 2018.


About the Utah Historical Quarterly:


UHQ is published quarterly on behalf of the Utah State Historical Society. Published since 1928, the journal is committed to themes traditionally associated with Utah history, even as it challenges readers to think across state lines—beyond geopolitical boundaries—to what the historian Earl Pomeroy called “watersheds of urban allegiance and control.” It seeks to examine Utah and the West, connecting the state to broader historical trends and experiences and reflecting Utah’s geographic and cultural position at the crossroads of the West.


UHQ’s editorial style emphasizes scholarly credibility and accessible language. Manuscripts dealing with any aspect of Utah history will be considered. Submissions based on disciplines other than history—archaeology, folklore, ethnography, and so on—are also encouraged, so long as the focus is on the past.


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