New Articles of Interest in the Pacific Historical Review

Marc Rodriguez Discussion

The Pacific Historical Review recently published the following articles that may interest H-WEST list subscribers:

- “Contingent Continent: Spatial and Geographic Arguments in the Shaping of the Nineteenth-Century United States,” by Rachel St. John

- “‘The Greatest Nation on Earth’: The Politics and Patriotism of the First Anglo American Immigrants to Mexican Texas, 1820-1824,” by Sarah K. M. Rodriguez

- “An Empire of Remedy: Vaccination, Natives, and Narratives in the North American West,” by Andrew C. Isenberg

- “‘Farewell to America’: The Expatriation Politics of Overland Migration, 1841-1846,” by Thomas Richards, Jr.

These articles can be accessed via the following link:

The Pacific Historical Review is a journal devoted to the history of the American expansion to the Pacific and beyond, to the post-frontier developments of the twentieth-century American West, and to the interconnections between American overseas expansion and the recent West. The Review also publishes articles on the historian's methodologies and philosophies.


Marc Rodriguez, Editor

Pacific Historical Review