Roundtable for WHA 2023 - Historians and Institutional DEI Work

Steven L. Danver's picture

Hi all,

After looking through the theme of next year's WHA meeting, Restorations and Repairs: Lives and Landscapes Across Many Wests, I thought about the restorative and repairative work that so many of us do in our own institutions. For example, I work at a community college in Eastern Washington that is not only centered on the confluence of the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima rivers - making it a territory with continuing meaning to many tribal nations - but is also an HSI located in a historically agricultural region with the largest Latinx population in the state. We all have our institutional, social, and geographic contexts, and that impacts how we go about DEI work. 

But I would argue that historians have an essential role to play in DEI work largely because of those fluid contexts. I propose a roundtable discussion of perhaps five or six scholars from a diversity of contexts to delve into how we involve ourselves in DEI work and how DEI work informs our pedagogy and research.

Let me know if you are interested...I'll be happy to spearhead a session proposal. Proposals are due December 5, 2022.

Steve Danver

Columbia Basin College