The BSA Fellowship Program – Deadline October 1, 2021

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In keeping with the central value the Bibliographical Society of America places on bibliography as a critical framework, the Society funds a number of fellowships to promote inquiry and research in books and other textual artifacts in both traditional and emerging formats.

Bibliographical projects may range chronologically from the study of clay tablets and papyrus rolls to contemporary literary texts and born-digital materials. Topics relating to books and manuscripts and material texts of all kinds in any field and of any period are eligible for consideration as long as they include analysis of the physical object – that is, the handwritten, printed, or other textual artifact – as historical evidence.

Full details on fellowship opportunities offered, eligibility requirements, and the application process are available on the BSA website.

Awards range from $2,500 to $6,000. A list of past Fellowship winners and their projects is also available on the BSA website.

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