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Dear Colleagues,
I am trying to track down an ad that the National Newspaper Promotion Association ran in various U.S. newspapers in 1954. More specifically, I am trying to secure permission to use the image of this ad in my book. I saw a clipping of a newspaper page featuring this ad in the AP archive. According to the records, the NNPA made this ad available to all its member newspapers. 
I have tried to track the National Newspaper Promotion Association and figure out whether and how it had changed its name over the years, and if it still exists, but to no avail. 
I’d be truly grateful for any leads about the National Newspaper Promotion Association or suggestions how to secure the copyright for the ad.
With many thanks and best wishes to all,
Dina Fainberg
City, University of London 



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hi Dina!

I wonder if the National Newspaper Promotion Association (and I've spotted some of their ads too, in 'E&P' from that era -- so that might be a good source too) folded eventually into the Newspaper Association of America (NAA, now the News Media Alliance It might be worth contacting them. I do think that if you can't find a parent organization that's inherited the copyright, so to speak, you might be able to use the image as long as you mention the organization that originally provided it,.

Anyway, I hope that helps! Your work sounds interesting. Finally, since I do spend some time in that era, I'll also keep an eye out for similar ads/references to that organization, and let you know if I find anything. What's a good email for you?

Will Mari
Northwest University

Greetings. The National Newspaper Promotion Association became the International Newspaper Promotion Association, which became today's International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA). This is not a guess, but the fact.

Dane S. Claussen, Editor
Newspaper Research Journal