Christopher Shoop-Worrall to serve as a Jhistory moderator

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Dear Jhistory list members,

Please join me in welcoming 
Christopher Shoop-Worrall as a new Jhistory moderator.  Christopher's stint begins tomorrow and he will join me and Gerry Lanosga in the monthly rotation.   I am grateful for his willingness to serve. His bio is below.  

Christopher Shoop-Worrall is a PhD Researcher at the University of Sheffield's Department of Journalism Studies. His research, drawing on innovative uses of digital news archives, explores the political content of the early popular press in Britain, and the impressions this new press made on the political establishment. He is also a member and web editor of the Centre for the Study of Journalism and History and an elected Postgraduate Member of the Royal Historical Society. He has presented his work at a multitude of conferences - including ECREA 2017 in Odense - and is also the editorial assistant for the upcoming Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press Volume III (edited by Profs. Martin Conboy and Adrian Bingham) due 2018.

Warm regards, 


David T. Z. Mindich
Professor and Chair, Dept. of Journalism, Temple University