Textbooks on journalism from 1950s/1960s

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Dear All,

I'm currently writing a chapter about Soviet concepts of news. I would like to compare this with normative US ideas about news, ideally using textbooks for journalism students. Does anybody have any tips for what a journalism student of the 1950s or 1960s would have been reading? Is there a text that is considered canonical?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Simon Huxtable
Visiting Fellow, Loughborough University

Am not speaking to texts for 50-60s. In 1950s, had taken part in a High School Journalism, Sports writing program sponsored by the Los Angeles Examiner, Los Angeles, California. The professional newsman conducting this program for the Examiner, where they did give training in sports reporting and writing, then published in the metropolitan newspaper as a high school sports page was simple.

He told us, go and learn a field, subject; then go into journalism and writing. That way you would have something to write. Of course, in this instance sports was the subject to learn.

Wyatt Reader MA
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