Greetings from the Book Reviews Editor and a call for reviewers

Zef Segal Discussion

Dear JHistorians,

I am Zef Segal, the new Books Reviews Editor for JHistory and I welcome you all to take part in H-Net Reviews.  

As you are all well aware, H-Net Reviews play an increasingly prominent role in academic discussions, taking advantage of the flexibility and relative speed of online publication while maintaining the highest scholarly standards. And, under the H-Commons platform, list editors can easily crosspost reviews from other networks, greatly expanding the potential readership for reviews published on our network.

I am excited to create a pool of JHistory reviewers, but to do so I need your help. Reviewers should have demonstrated intellectual expertise and experience in the history of journalism, media and mass communication. Advanced graduate students as well as those who have completed their doctorate are invited to review for JHistory.

If you wish to join the pool, please send an email to with a subject heading "JHistory Reviewer," and include a CV as an attachment. In addition, please provide the following information:

  • areas of specialization for which you would be a qualified reviewer (i.e. discipline, historical period and a brief list of related topics)
  • languages other than English in which you can competently read scholarly work
  • please also note whether you have reviewed for any H-Net feed in the past.

I expect to begin commissioning reviews shortly. Please be aware that JHistory cannot accept unsolicited offers to review specific books. However, we do welcome suggestions of events and books for which we could locate a qualified reviewer. Please note that H-Net Reviews holds strict guidelines for avoiding potential conflicts of interest among authors and reviewers, therefore we cannot accept suggestions of books to review by the authors themselves.


Thanks, and hope to hear from many of you soon!