The JHistory Salon Presents: Research--Early Looks

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Jhistory Salon

Friday May 6 2 PM to 3 PM  For Zoom Link contact Elliot King

The JHistory Salon is an international group that meets the first Friday of every month on Zoom to discuss research and other issues of interest to scholars who study the history of journalism and mass communication. You are invited to join us this Friday when people will offer short presentations about research they are working on or research they are thinking about working on. Participants will discuss the presentations and offer friendly feed back.  The  presenters are:

Aaron Ackerley  (University of Sheffield ) From Anti-Whiggery to Anti-Wokery: Anti-progressive Tropes in the Modern British Press'.

Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen (University of Idaho) The print culture of American small cities and their role in articulating the aspirational urbanism associated with places that were not quite an urban metropolis and not quite a small town.

Brian Schott (Independent Scholar).  The role of the Irish American/Irish Catholic media

Gerry Lanosga (Indiana University) The roots of evidence-based reporting in the Abolitionist press.

Chris  Shoop-Worrall (UCFB) How election campaigns manifested in popular print and entertainment cultures such as music halls, songs, poetry, cartoons, etc

To build the true spirit of a salon, we also offer a drink recipe for people to partake as they wish. The recipe of the month is a classic Daiquiri.

2 ounces of light Rum.

1 ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice

3/4 ounce of Demerara sugar syrup

To make the sugar syrup, if you don't want to find demerara sugar, which I don't, just use equal parts light brown sugar and water, dissolving the sugar in boiling water and then cooling. Or just make simple syrup using regular cane sugar.  Serve the drink over rocks.

We hope you will join us on Friday at 2 PM for great conversation about interesting research.  To receive the Zoom link, contact Elliot King at