Talk About Your Research at the Jhistory Salon

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The Jhistory Salon is an international group of media historians who gather for an hour on Zoom on the first Friday of every month at 2 PM Eastern time to discuss research, books, articles and the issues of the day facing scholars in the field.  It is open to everybody with an academic interest in media history. Current participants range from graduate students to professors emeriti and come from three continents.

On Friday May 6th, the Salon will conduct a modified research in progress session in which people are invited to talk about the research they are doing and/or the research they are thinking about doing.  Depending on how many people offer to present, people will have between 5 and 10 minutes to talk about their research and entertain friendly comments and questions.  The session will NOT be peer-reviewed and will be very informal--not slides required (though you can prepare slides if you like) Everybody is invited to contribute.

If you would like ot present and/or receive the Zoom link for the Salon, please contact Elliot King at  

In the spirit (literally) of traditional Salons, you will also receive the recipe for the cocktail of the month, which this month is a classic daiquiri (which is NOT the adult slushy most people envision.)  We hope you will join us.

JHistory Salon Research in Progress Session

Friday May 6 2 PM on Zoom

To receive the Zoom link or to voluntee to present, please contact Elliot King at