Utopian Sites in London

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Dear List members, 

I'm an urban sociologist who is relatively new in Utopian Studies. So please excuse in advance if this request is rather blunt.

I'm considering a summer course to be offered in our London campus on utopias and dystopias and would like to ask for your invaluable recommendations on sites and places where I can organize excursions to for my students. What activities and excursions could you think of if you were to offer such a course on utopianism? Are there any must-visit utopian/intentional communities in London? Any exhibits to see, any organizations to invite representatives from as guest speakers etc. In other words, I would like to gather ideas on anything utopian in London and/or its environs. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 


Azat Gundogan


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Gündoğan, Azat Zana. 2019. “Divergent Responses to Urban Transformation Projects in Turkey: Common Sense and State Affinity in Community Mobilization.” Urban Geography 40 (7): 893–917. https://doi.org/10.1080/02723638.2018.1502516.

You may reach out to Dr. Dan Smith at the Chelsea College of Art, SUS member and researcher of the archive at the Crystal Palace. I imagine guided tour with him would be pretty fascinating.