CFP: Utopian Short Fiction

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Why would we think of a utopia? Utopian thoughts are necessary to social changes. Without a utopian vision, something inspiring, there is no chance of social developments; and the more transparent the vision, the higher the chance of achievement.


The significance of utopian thought in the contemporary world seems inevitable. We face with huge ecological issues (so huge that the survival of the human species might be in doubt), overpopulation, war, terrorism, new and sometimes unbelievably dangerous technologies, cybernetic crimes, and religious extremism. Thus, a way out is obviously required and utopian thought can display the way.


“My Utopia” is a creative writing project with the aim to demonstrate that utopian thinking is beyond any gender, race, age, color, nationality, and border limitations. Everybody can also think of his/her utopian world regardless of place and time restrictions.


We are seeking short fiction from writers around the world on the topic “My Utopia”. Nonfiction, personal essay, genre short fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, and graphic fiction), poetry and works residing across/between utopia are welcome.


Submissions might explore, but are not limited to:


·               Climate change

·               Food

·               Global population

·               The War on Terror

·               Post-humanism

·               The future of females

·               Gender discrimination

·               Extremism

·               race/post-race

·               disability and sexuality


Submission details:


The submission deadline is September 25th, 2017.

Any submission must be the original work of the author that has not been published previously, as a whole or in part, either in print or electronically, or is soon to be so published.

The target length for a submission is 500–1500 words. (Poetry submissions are exception.) Formatting: double space, Times New Romans, font 12.

Language: English

Please send submissions via email to or


Selected writings will be published by the Faculty of Letters, University of Porto, Portugal.
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