Ken Roemer, building Utopia in Persia

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From Ken Roemer, comes this gem (click through for pictures, and, if you read Persian, the story):

Recently, Mohammand Merarian, a reporter for Vaghaye Etefaghiye [Current Affairs], a national reformist newspaper in Iran, contacted Professor Roemer. He wanted to speak to an expert on utopia and dystopia for the “Perspective” page of the newspaper. On January 31, Mr. Memarian conducted an hour-long interview with Professor Roemer. The topics of discussion ranged from the functions of the utopian imagination, to the current interest in dystopia, utopias grounded in nostalgia for an imagined past, to the implications of state mandated utopias. A PDF in Persian can be found at

In English, the reference is: "Imagination of Utopia and Dystopia: Hope and Warning,” interview by Mohammad Memarian with Kenneth Roemer, “Perspective,” Vaghaye Etefaghiye, No. 543, Monday, Bahman 16, 1396 / February 5, 2018: 14.

(The first date is in the Solar Hijri Calendar:

The photo in the page is from Garden of Eden in Texas (the Internet indicates that this community has moved from Arlington to Kennedale.)


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