CFP: Worldcon 76 Utopian Studies session (16-20 Aug 18, San José, CA)

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Worldcon 76 - Special Utopian Studies Session
Special Call for Proposals
from Utopian Studies Scholars
August 16-20, 2018
San José McEnery Convention Center
San José, California
The Academic Track Committee for the 76th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) requests proposals for one or more special sessions co-sponsored with the Society for Utopian Studies.
This year's Worldcon theme is "Make the Future" and we want to reserve at least one panel to specifically address the theme in relation to utopian studies.
This could include a panel or roundtable of scholars contextualizing the place of utopian studies in the broader field of science fiction—or vice versa—or other approaches on the connection between utopia and SF. (Worldcon academic-track audiences often include a blend of scholars, writers, artists, readers, and fans, so less formal approaches often work best. In many ways, Worldcon's academic track offers an ideal opportunity for scholars to reach audiences they might not see at exclusively academic conferences.)
If a group of scholars is interested in participating, send the following items (clearly labeled) in a single document:
1. Name and contact information of moderator
2. Title of panel or roundtable, its topic, and a maximum 300-word statement describing its focus
3. Short list of sample discussion topics
4. Maximum 100-word biographical note for each speaker, including academic affiliation (if applicable), sample prior publications/presentations, and other connections to SF community
Note: Please send individual paper proposals via our standard entry. See our general Call for Papers for more information.
Send a Word or PDF email attachment to by midnight PST, March 1, 2018. Please provide a subject line that identifies the type of presentation you’re proposing using this format: Utopian Proposal: [your title]
Note: All selected speakers will be responsible for their own Worldcon membership, travel, and all related expenses. For more information on purchasing membership, see the Worldcon 76 convention website. Membership includes access to the entire convention, not just the academic track.
For more on the Worldcon's history and theme, visit
Dr. Nathaniel Williams
University of California, Davis
Worldcon 76 Academic-Track Coordinator

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