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Hi everyone,

New book on Alternative Societies: For a Pluralist Socialism

Please excuse the self-promotion and sorry for any cross-posting, but I just wanted to let you know that my book on Alternative Societies is out in February. It has a chapter on utopianism and features utopianism throughout.

You can get 50% off the price if you pre-order from the publisher at the link above before January 22nd. Then there will be 50% off from the publication date of February 24th if you use the code POAC50 at the link by midnight on 5 March.

Information on the book also pasted below.


Luke Martell

University of Sussex

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In a time of great gloom and doom internationally and of major global problems, this book offers an invaluable contribution to our understanding of alternative societies that could be better for humans and the environment.

Bringing together a wide range of approaches and new strands of economic and social thinking from across the US, Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, Luke Martell critically assesses contemporary alternatives and shows the ways forward with a convincing argument of pluralist socialism.

Presenting a much-needed introduction to the debate on alternatives to capitalism, this ambitious book is not about how things are, but how they can be!

1. Alternative Economies
2. Social Alternatives
3. Utopianism and its Critics
4. Socialism and its Critics
5. The Democratic Economy
6. Alternative Globalization

"In a world searching for radical alternatives to destructive development and politics, Martell's book is very welcome; especially as it grounds concepts and theories of transformation in the practice of living initiatives spanning an impressive spectrum of human endeavour. Must be read by young people everywhere, to inspire a new generation to dream and act for justice, equity and restoring peace with the earth."
Ashish Kothari, Kalpavriksh and Global Tapestry of Alternatives

“This book provides a fascinating and comprehensive account of various alternatives to the status quo, and shows that another world beyond global capitalism is in fact possible.”
Simin Fadaee, University of Manchester

"This book presents an outstanding account of the state of current debates facing those on the left who want to envisage, and create, an alternative society. As Luke Martell shows in such an engaging way, the question of ‘how to change the world’ has produced multiple answers, each with their own limitations. The strength of this book is that it somehow manages to introduce each of these different approaches in a truly comprehensive way, at the same time as making a clear argument that what we need is socialism with pluralism. The book is a must-read for anyone considering what those hoping for a more equal society should do today."
David J. Bailey, University of Birmingham


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